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Woohoo, let’s put all theory to one side and do the real thing. There is no theory in the world that can prepare you for the waters of a real date. Besides the basics such as hygiene, what to wear, how much to eat and drink and the choice of venue, it is pointless to discuss how a date should be done. No one knows in advance what will happen during the date and where the conversation will go and what will follow from that.

So, I offer a unique coaching approach by observing the date in real time, as I sit nearby. I provide you with a detailed breakdown of deeply insightful observations of body language, non-verbal and verbal signals, reactions, intentions, impressions, underlying dynamics, leadership, followship, power balance, imbalance, what makes you sexy, what makes him/her sexy, the sexual attraction between you, the intellectual compatibility, the emotional compatibility.

You gain awareness of how you and your date come across individually and as a couple, and you gain awareness of your and his/her blindspots. With that knowledge at hand, you gain incredible control over your future dates’s outcomes – as the most superficial consequence, however, the benefit is much greater and deeper than just having control. You become enlightened of your “strengths and weaknesses” and the purpose behind them.

I refer to them in inverted comas because I coach you to see that the weakness are actually aspects of the authentic self, and their presence is guiding you towards more authentic, truthful relating. And if you just want to play and have more fun and more success with your desired dating outcomes, then there is nothing wrong in that. You will be well-equipped with an arsenal of quick win techniques that steer the date in your desired direction.

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