Nutrition for love and relating

This is not aphrodisiac nutrition for arousal, but nutrition for strengthening the self from within which is so so important when getting involved in a love relationship. I have compiled a list of the top foods which strengthen the body, the mind, the emotions, and bring our centre into the body.

If there is only one food you can add to your diet to strengthen and support you through the trials of love, let that be cacao nibs. Organic 100% pure cacao nibs. Pure cacao is an ancient ingredient of marriage ceremonies in South American tribes and in peace making rituals. Use with no sugar or milk, for strengthening your body, mind and emotions. My favourite form of cacao is the nibs which give me a very pleasant crunchy experience and they amuse me with their smallness of size and greatness of impact. Try a handful of these miracle nibs and let me know what happened. I feel uplifted, confident, spirited, centered, comfortable, pleased, gladdened, nourished, complete and it not that I can’t feel like that without them, but they are gently helping me, supporting me on the path, and there is nothing wrong in getting help and support or admitting that we need help and support.

If there are two foods you can add to your diet, then make the second food to be black pepper. It is one of the favourite foods of the base chakra which is at situated at the coxis. It provides instant nourishment and strengthening of the root chakra. A plant cannot be strong to sustain the winds, the rain and the changing weather conditions without strong roots. Black pepper is a powerful healing food for the root chakra which determines our stability in life. When the root chakra is weak there is a lot of instability in the person’s life. And most people have that. So it’s always useful to keep nourishing and strengthening the root chakra.

As if anti-cancer properties are not enough, fermented foods are also great foods for dating, loving, and relating because they flatten the stomach, expel the gas generated by bad gut bacteria and create a wonderful sense of wellbeing in the gut. It can easily be argued that physical and emotional wellbeing depend on the physical sensations in the gut, and when these are not comfortable – bloated or acidy, it is not fun being inside our skin. And when it’s not fun being inside our skin – that is when we disconnect from our bodies, from our true natures, from our authentic selves. From that position of discomfort is almost impossible to relate and to connect with other people, when we are experiencing such a bad connection with ourselves. Fermented foods help us to feel grounded and centred within ourselves, by creating this very comfortable feeling in the gut and stomach. Feeling comfortable inside our human body and in our skin is not given to humans by default. We need to meditate and direct our breathing inside and do all kinds of woo woo, to achieve that, while fermented foods do this so much faster and easier just by consuming them. Garlic is another flatulence burster.


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