Through my work and lifestyle, I meet a large variety of single people who are looking for love, relationships, marriages. It is my greatest pleasure to meet those single people with each other. I listen to every requirement intently and I take every wish seriously, after which this information is stored safely in my very retentive-for- people memory, only to be retrieved when a suitable match arrives on the scene. Oh, P said he liked Italian women, will pop up in my mind only when I meet an Italian woman. It’s like a raising a query on Access :) The rest of the time the data lays dormant until another suitable match appears. If P likes adventures, then all adventurous women will be retrieved from the database. I strongly believe that people know each other for reasons, and the main reason is to help each other. The matchmaking service I provide is completely free and it is my complimentary gift to everyone who wishes to use it.

Simply fill in the form with your very honest and very sincere requirements. Remember, dating is not like working for the HR of a government department. You don’t have to be inclusive of everyone, you don’t have to give equal opportunities and you don’t have to pretend that you like everyone if you don’t. Dating is like working for your authentic self, and your authentic self wants to get only what he/she feels is good for you.

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