Decoding the encounters in your life at any point in time. Why do you manifest certain people and certain relationships at certain points in your life? What can shift these patterns? Bringing to awareness the unresolved issue that is driving the pattern.

We all carry a lot of unresolved issues within ourselves and we view the events in our lifes and relationships through the prism of our internal issues. We do not have accurate perception of the situation and accurate understanding of the situation until we have brought to our awareness the unresolved issue that is laying hidden in that situation. If you want to liberate yourself from that situation – liberate yourself from the issue and I will show you how.

We will identify if there are any traumas lurking in the back chambers of your consciousness and I will show you practical effective techniques for effacing the impact of traumas and making them redundant from participating in your behaviour.

We will unravel hidden beliefs that are influencing the way you perceive and interpret situations and the decisions you make about situations. We will expose how your beliefs are creating your reality and how they have participated in many events which you thought came from outside of you. We will investigate where those beliefs came from and I will provide you with practical tools to correct those beliefs.

We will identify other obstacles which prevent you from living in love and support with a beloved partner. Most common sets of obstacles are cultural and social programming about what is good and bad, right and wrong. Most powerful obstacles tend to be the judgments that we hold about right and wrong, lack of self-honesty with regards to what kind of partner we want in our life – ambiguity is the sure way of not getting anything. These are the extra strong cements of singleness. There are many other kinds of obstacles which work visibly or invisibly to hold us back from getting what we want in love and relationships. Most of them are psychological, of our own creation, and I will guide you to bring those workings to your awareness and how to rule out perceptions and beliefs about situations. Getting to the real truth of the situation requires a lot of practice and skill of being still and silent and observing oneself, so before this skill is developed, it is good practice to start ruling out our perceptions and beliefs which emerge first, most automatically and most accessibly by our consciousness. I will give you practical methodology how to do that. Then with regular practice of ruling out, the tuning into the reality of the situation happens.

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