Seat your consciousness in the body

Your body is your vehicle through life. Does it feel different when driving a good car to when driving a cheap car? It is exactly like that with the body. When you plant your consciousness deeply in the body and it is not just hanging to the body from around the chest area, you get a deep unshakable feeling of comfort, cosiness and luxury. It feels better than being in a resting in a luxury bed in a 5 star hotel. There was a time in my twenties when I used to live in a 5 star hotel suffering from stomach acids and cramps due to an ulcer in my stomach. The bed as comfortable as it was and the skiing lifestyle as beautiful and strengthening as it was, were not enough, to make me feel well. Simply because my young mind ruled my life at the time, and my consciousness had barely entered my body, it was entirely in my head. My awareness of me was my thoughts only. Nothing to do with the body. And my body was crying in pain. Crying to get connected with me who was not aware that I had a body at all. The pain was the only way to make me aware that I had a body.
Fast forward 20 years when I found myself with none of the material luxuries around me, but in good loving relationship with my body, resting my consciousness in the body, seating it comfortably inside. That is when I truly felt the sense of luxury, comfort and well-being. There is still rain, wind and cold outside but you look at it and remain unaffected, just like driving in a luxury car, you are having too much comfort seating inside your luxury car, so nothing from the outside gets to you. Bringing your consciousness inside your body is the most luxurious experience, million times better than a luxury car, better than a 5 star hotel, is the feeling of comfort, strength, stability, calmness, and joy when you are seating deeply inside your body vehicle.